The Great Acension

The Arena

After dispatching the Goblins and entering a locked door they found, sitting at a table, an old mage along with 4 other individuals. After introducing himself he went straight to business announcing that he was in possession of the Armor they were sent after and that they could only have it on one condition. They fight in the arena.

It seemed that the group was to fight the 4 individuals to which they encountered here now. A Northern, very big fellow with an even bigger axe. A gentleman and lady of faith, both wore the same symbols though the party did not recognize them, and a dark dressed man in leather with no visible weapons.

Though this group looked formidable the party believed they could overcome them. The party was given 10 hours of rest so that Kevian Pegason and Erinartia could recover their power, memorizing spells and praying to her god of storms.

After 10 hours of rest the party was led through an arena of sand to a cage built into the wall. They were left there, with the door closed, for several minutes to prepare for battle when the cage door rose again they saw their opponent across the arena.

Kevian Pegason had prepared battle by drinking a potion that allowed him to see invisible opponents. Noticing the dark leather wearer already approaching under some kind of invisibility spell. Syana Rynwor made the first move, moving into the arena a short distance and firing an arrow into the unarmored woman of faith. The arrow hit the woman with such force that it made its way straight through her and into the wall behind her leaving the woman prone on the ground but disappearing in a puff of smoke shortly after.

(To explain the very awesome rolls that the player of Syana performed. He rolled a 20, critting with a greatbow at a x3. Now in my games, more of a house rule, you can crit multiple times with one attack as long as you keep rolling 20s. This player rolled a 20 on the first dice to confirm, a 20 on the second dice, continued and rolled a 20 on the third dice. The way its done is you take the number of 20s you roll and times that by the critical damage. In this case he rolled 4 20s. Now because you crit with the first 20, you get that damage already so you going to take the first out of the equation and the x3 is going to be multiplied by 3. This gives us a x9 crit. So he rolls 9d10+(7×9). Well all in all he hit her for 110 damage as a level 6 fighter with a greatbow.)

Seeing such damage from just a bow the very big northerner with the big Axe enrages rushing Syana. Syana takes a huge gash to the midsection almost disemboweling her right before she is stabbed from the back by the man in the dark leather. Syana goes down hard to the ground, unconscious.

With Syana unconscious and the other group bearing down on them Ikuya makes a desperate move. Calling on his inner shadow self he places a darkness orb around her and then moves in to assist Syana. Feeling secure within his darkness Ikuya administers a potion to Syana only to realize that his darkness had been dispelled by the priestess. Finding the weakness within the group Ikuya goes invisible like many of his kind can do so well and quickly dispatches the annoying priestess. It was not long before the Barbarian also succumbs to his wounds. At this point Erwin, the leader of the enemy group gives the signal and both remaining members drop their weapons and surrender.

End of Session

Conversion from paper to digital

This is the paper log kept by Than/Ikuya within the “Experience and Loot” notebook.

Tunaster Dranik
Fembris Starweaver“Orb Dude”

The party fought a clone of Fembris Starweaver. After the fight they found information that made them thing that maybe this is a Faux Temple. After a few fights with some of the shadow guards the group decides to retreat for now. They make their way back to the tavern where a note is waiting for them.
Alley Ambush

The party follows the instructions in the note at the tavern and follow it to a dead end alley where they are ambushed by a human fighter Londal Fen and a Halfling Rogue Smile. They find information on the human to suggest these individuals were hired to kill them. They are able to capture the halfling but of course the halfling gives no information.

They make their way back to the Temple and after a few fights with some guards and a big fight with a powerful woman they find these are followers of Shar. It isn’t long that they find out that this woman is Lady Arthas and she is a Cleric of Shar looking to find more people to dominate.

During the fight with Lady Arthas a Drow appears and is able to kill many of the guards within the fight with very little trouble and intimidates Lady Arthas who decides to run. The Drow asks the party to meet her in the tavern when they are done.

After the major fight they progress farther into the temple and find a gate or portal of some sort. Two of them walk through it to test it out, one from one side, one from the other. Both end up becoming Shadow forms of themselves, granting them some new abilities. They make their way deeper into the temple to find a waterway with a man with a spear, 2 shadow guards and an otyugh. The fight falls to the party and they rescue a woman from a cage. She is dominated and unable to give any information to them, they decide to leave her here returning to the tavern with information for Tunaster Dranik, they leave a note with the information and find their reward within a chest in his inn room. At that time they speak with the drow who had confronted them within the temple to learn her name, Vara Del’Armgo, and she wants them to find some magical items, the first of which is a magic dagger.
On the Road again.

The party find a travelling salesman to book a ride with in exchange for protection. They encounter highwaymen asking for money to use the road. The group refuses and a fight ensues. The group prevails, killing all the highwaymen and taking their gold.

Again along the road they encounter a large crocodile on a bridge. They decide to dispatch it from afar with a spell and some arrows. They also encounter some fiendish bears which they dispatch with great ease.
Vara Mission 1

The group makes their way to the Orc Cave that was described by Vara. It is guarded by two ogres, they dispatch 1 ogre but the other one escapes alerting the whole cave. At this time the cave is bustling with activity but the Orcs stop, not attacking. The leader of the orcs decides to hand over the dagger with no fight. This confuses the adventurers but they go ahead with the deal not to attack for the dagger.

As soon as they leave they find Rahm Elvaria waiting for them where she teleports them back to Vara where she assigns them another mission.

Vara Mission 2
Vara Del’Armgo again sends the group out to find another piece of magic. This time a piece of armor. Last reports said it was held by a crazy wizard in a cave near Waterdeep.
The adventurers set out with the help of Rahm Elvaria, they are teleported, the destination is not Waterdeep, they find themselves in what looks like a temple. As they explore they find out that the temple belongs to Shar after finding a vase. The ninja, sensing a trap, orders all party members out of the room, grabs the vase, and dimension doors out of the room. After searching inside the vase they find a lich’s phylactery and soon find out that it is the phylactery of Shar’s Dragon Avatar. They decide to leave the phylactery in the temple and leave. They make their way to Waterdeep from the Sharran Temple.

After reaching waterdeep they pay for some shelter and food and the next morning make their way to the cave that is supposed to have the armor they are looking for. They are ambushed by another adventuring party on a small cliffside. They dispatch them with ease when Ikuya Kai is teleported away and then teleported back a minute later learning some crucial information. The rogue of the enemy party does escape. The party fears a retaliation.
The Wizard’s Cave

The party finds the cave, they enter. They are suprised by a small looking waiting room, a library and more homely sights until they find a whole tribe of goblins. They try to barricade the goblins inside but after realizing they need into the room Kevian Pegason begins throwing spells into the room. After a couple of spells Kevian Pegason goes down hard but Ikuya Kai is able to restore him to life with a potion. Eventually all goblins are dispatched and the party is able to continue through the cave.

The Tale Begins!
the first blog

This is the adventure log. It it here to keep track of each session and what happened during the session. It also serves as the comprehensive loot and experience list.


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